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Worst cars revealed – and how to avoid them

When selling your car, it pays to know if it’s popular or not.

One car that has failed the popularity test by some margin is the REVA G-Wiz. The tiny electric car has been voted the worst car ever by readers of AutoExpress magazine. They slammed its poor quality, cramped interior and dire performance. Its low safety levels attracted particular criticism.

However, the G-Wiz is an obvious choice and easy prey. Less obvious are those mainstream cars on sale today that disguise their lack of appeal under lashings of equipment and big discounts. Poke around the forecourts and it’s not hard to find them.

They include the old-model Audi A4 (2008-15) whose ride was poor on expensive versions fitted with the standard sports suspension. Fortunately, buyers could specify the softer suspension fitted to cheaper versions at no extra cost, and many did.

Another is the Citroen C1 which, in basic Touch trim, has a rear bench seat rather than a split one, making it much less practical.

For the best price, whether buying or selling, always bear Tootle’s top 10 turn-offs in mind:

Tootle’s top 10 turn-offs

  • Base models – Poor value; next trim up is invariably the best.
  • Run-out models – End-of- line models age prematurely.
  • Sports suspension on a family car – Your passengers won’t appreciate it.
  • Hybrid vehicles – Cars combining an electric motor with a small petrol or diesel engine are expensive and rarely achieve their claimed economy.
  • Range-topping versions – Most top-spec models depreciate fastest (but they’re great used buys).
  • Large petrol engine in a family car – Budget-conscious families don’t need the bills when there are new, smaller and more efficient alternatives.
  • Excessive personalisation – The fashion for over-speccing a car with fancy colours, trims and equipment damages its future appeal and hurts its value.
  • CVT automatic gearbox – Noisy, unpleasant and inefficient.
  • Rear bench seat in a hatchback – Makes the car much less practical.
  • Electric car with a 100-mile range – Not far enough to allay range anxiety.

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