Part-Worn Tyres: The Pros and Cons

Over time, tyres wear out and can cause serious threats. So, once you’ve enjoyed a good few years with your tyres, it could be time to swap them out for some new ones.

But, with brand new tyres costing an arm and a leg, alternative options are often sought. The most popular route? Buying part-worn.

Pre-used tyres do come with a lot of pros and cons, offering a range of cheaper benefits but also some potentially unsafe dangers.


Starting with the obvious, part-worn tyres boast cheaper price tags. And, considering anything from one that’s had less than six months’ worth of use to a spare tyre that was never used in the first place can be classed as a ‘used’ tyre, it’s can be a huge saving compared to buying new.

Tread depth for new tyres also have to be 8mm. Whilst this does guarantee a long life, it’s significantly higher than the legal minimum of 1.6mm. Most outlets that sell part worn tyres never sell ones with less than 5mm, ensuring you stay safe while saving some cash.


Another added bonus is that you’ll be doing your bit for the environment. Throwing out an old tyre will fill up the landfill as they’re made out of durable and non-biodegradable materials that are hard to break down. Instead, you can keep the polluting martials in rotation, reducing waste.


Normally, when you are buying a second-hand vehicle, the first thing you do is find out about the motor’s history. This helps you find out if there are issues with the vehicle or potential for issues in the future.

In an ideal world, the same would be true for tyres as they are susceptible to punctures or even cracking after extend use, experiencing a range of temperatures and damage from bad driving. But, unfortunately, unless you know the seller, you’re unlikely to find out this information, and will be taking a gamble on the quality.


Tyres do come with an expiration date. So, even if they look like they’re in tip top condition, the rubber still may be deteriorating over time, regardless of how much they’ve been used.

Alongside their surviving quality, you’ll also need to consider how long they’ll last. If you’re buying second-hand, they’re likely to have reduced tread depth which will wear away in a shorter period of time. You’ll have to decide: is buying part-worn tyres worth it if they’ll only last a short period?

On one hand, new tyres are expensive but have guaranteed long life and will be durable. On the other, part-worn tyres are significantly cheaper, but can be a gamble in terms quality and safer. Weigh up your options, and, if you do buy part-worn, make sure you go to a reliable vendor.

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