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61% of Brits dread selling their car

According to a recent survey by tootle, 61% of people in the UK dread the prospect of selling their car. It seems we have good reason to as well, with the OnePoll survey of 1,000 people in the UK finding that 24% of us have previously had a bad experience when selling a car, and [...]

Photos to help sell your car

Here’s our simple guide on how to take great photos of your car and which photos to take: Before you start Clean the car Clear the car free of clutter and child seats Hold the camera in landscape Hold the camera level (not at an angle) Top tips for great photos   1. Stand back [...]

What should you check when buying a used car?

Buying a used car takes time and effort – and although most people end up with a perfect set of new wheels, there are plenty of cautionary tales to bear in mind. According to Citizens Advice, dodgy used cars topped the list of most complained about consumer issues in 2012, with £55 million spent on [...]

How to buy a car at auction

Buying a car from an auction is a very different experience to buying from a dealer or private seller. It’s important to understand exactly how the process works, so that you can get the car you want, for the right price. Although this guide will help you to avoid obvious pitfalls when buying at a [...]

How to sell a car

There’s no two ways about it; selling a car privately can be a hassle. Paying for advertising, dealing with enquiries, arranging viewings, organising test drive insurance, sorting the paperwork, and haggling over the price are just a few of the hoops you’ll probably have to jump through. Nevertheless, selling privately will almost certainly get you [...]

5 Tips for Pricing your car

The first step to selling a car is setting the price – which can be a tricky process. At tootle, we use independent industry data mixed with some high-tech maths to instantly calculate a fair price for you. But if you decide to brave the world of private car sales on your own, it can [...]