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Dealer tips: Setting your car preferences

Because of the range of stock available on Tootle, it can be helpful to set preferences that match the type of cars you want to buy. This will help to limit the notifications you receive and ensure that the the stock that interests you is most visible when you’re on the site.

You probably have preferences set from when you signed up to Tootle but can change these at any time by clicking on ‘Car Preferences’ on the top right hand corner of the screen.

This will take you to the preferences page, where you can enter limits for the car’s mileage, age and value in addition to its distance from your dealership.

If you would like to filter this further, you can also set preferences by make and model. This can either be for brands, such as ‘all Aston Martins’, or for individual models, such as ‘BMW X4’. Simply begin to type what kind of cars you would like to filter by, and a drop-down menu will help you.

You can also set email preferences at this point. This will ensure that you don’t miss any cars by receiving email updates every time a car that matches your preferences is uploaded. If you would prefer not to receive any emails from Tootle, you can choose to turn off alerts.

Finally, click the ‘save preferences’ button and you’re done!


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