Could You Be Driving Cheaper?

As motorists, we all know the financial stress our vehicles can cause us. From repair costs to the rising price of petrol and insurance, all drain money from our bank accounts. There are, however, some surprising and often overlooked ways that we could be driving for less.

Want some tips? Tootle explores:


The price of petrol massively changes depending on where you are, with some drivers paying far less than others depending on the postcode.

The supermarket filling stations are a good place to start as they often have fuel voucher initiatives and their frequent price wars can really benefit your budget. You can also utilise apps such as Just Off Junction to find the nearest petrol station to avoid the extortionate prices at service stations.


Talking of extortionate, watch out for inflated parking charges, especially in the more central areas of cities. Even some of the short stay car parks have adopted additional charges for diesel drivers so it’s time to park smart.

Adjusting your favourite spot to somewhere more out of the way could save you a lot of dosh. Take, for example, Cardiff. Parking on the outskirts rather than in the city centre could save you over £200 a year. New app developments such as Just Park allow you to reserve a cheaper parking spot instead.


With motoring laws constantly changing, it’s worth staying on top of the latest developments. Plenty of people have been caught out and fined for ignoring lane closures on smart motorways and hundreds more could face similar charges if parking on kerbs also becomes illegal.

The moral of the story? Stay up to date and avoid unnecessary fines.


Not a regular motorist? Try a pay-as-you-drive car club such as Zipcar. It will save you significantly with some clubs charging just £5 per hour. Alternatively, Liftshare offers a great way to potentially halve costs, offering an option to share driving charges with people making the same journey as you.

There are tons of hidden tips and tricks that can save your wallet from a battering but, especially with new apps and other smart cover options such as pay-as-you-drive clubs, 2019 won’t be wiping out your finances and can leave you to drive happy.
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