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Dealer FAQs

How do I buy a car? If you see a car you would like to buy, simply make an offer to buy it through the Tootle site. The offer amount is relayed to the seller together with your contact details. The seller can then either accept your offer or call you to discuss it. Each [...]

Making your first offer on Tootle

Welcome to Tootle – thanks for signing up! This article will help you understand how the platform works and will walk you through making your first offer on a car. As ever, if you encounter any problems, you can always reach us at or call us on 020 3327 2240.   Signing in The [...]

Dealer tips: Setting your car preferences

Because of the range of stock available on Tootle, it can be helpful to set preferences that match the type of cars you want to buy. This will help to limit the notifications you receive and ensure that the the stock that interests you is most visible when you’re on the site. You probably have [...]