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Seller FAQs

Why should I sell my car with Tootle? It’s a simple idea: you get more money when you offer your car to more buyers. Rather than haggling with a single dealer on the forecourt, wouldn’t it be nice if the buyers were competing with each other for your car – all from the comfort of [...]

How to write the perfect condition report

Writing a proper damage report is a key part of selling your car. In 9/10 cases, our dealers are able pay the price they offer online – unlike other car buying services – because they know exactly what they’re bidding on and its condition. Because of this, just writing ‘excellent’ probably won’t cut it… You [...]
tootle depreciation

How much has my car depreciated by?

The depreciation of a car is the difference in the value of your vehicle when you bought it, versus when you eventually decide to sell it. Naturally, the speed of its depreciation depends on the make and model. Some very niche cars barely depreciate at all and can actually appreciate with time. Equally, classic cars [...]
tootle private number plate

How to change a private number plate

With 1st September approaching, many vehicle owners will be thinking about trading in their cars ahead of the new 66 registration plate issue. For those with private registration plates, the process can throw up a potential roadblock: how do you keep hold of the plate when you change cars? Thankfully, managing your car registration details [...]
tootle pricing

How to price a car for sale

Pricing a car is a tricky thing. But if there’s one thing we see regularly at tootle, it’s people thinking it’s worth more than it is. Sorry! We know it’s your pride and joy. We genuinely wish we could help you get what you want for it. The reality is that millions of cars are [...]
tootle dealer negotiate

How to negotiate with a dealer

Every year, around 3.2 million people in the UK sell their car to a dealer. Although it’s generally a less stressful process than selling privately, you may still have to negotiate hard to get the best deal. Here’s some tips to put you in the driving seat: Know the value of your car If you [...]

Tips for beating depreciation

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a classic car, your set of wheels is dropping in value each and every month. A new car’s value is slashed by 20% or more the moment you drive it off the forecourt. According to the AA, it can be worth as much as 40% less than the original [...]