Car insurance Lies That Can Invalidate Your Policy

Insuring your motor can be an expensive task, where it can often be tempting to include a simple white lie in your application to reduce the cost.

Unfortunately, should you get into an accident, these lies will cost you big time. If insurance companies find out that something you said was true isn’t, then they’ll invalidate your cover and leave you with a potentially hefty bill to pay.

Just last year, over 500,000 applications were found to contain dishonest information, so what are the top lies that could invalidate your policy?

Do you have previous claims?

The obvious thing that needs to be declared is whether you have had any serious accidents. Minor incidents such as dents also need to be declared, regardless of whether you have claimed for them or not.

Are you kids wrongly listed as the main driver?

If you have older children, you’ll know that the cost of car insurance for them is extortionate. Listing them as an additional driver will lower the expensive premiums but, unless you are genuinely the main driver, this will be considered as fraud.

What about driving convictions?

If you fail to reveal whether you have penalty points or driving offenses, this will also be deemed as fraud by your insurer. You should therefore inform them immediately if you receive points on your license while you’re with your provider and when you apply for a new policy.

How do you use your car?

Choosing the wrong definition of use for your car is a popular lie found in applications. Insurers do charge more for those using their car to either commute or for business as motorists will be on the road at the busiest time of day.

Social excludes commuting, so if you do use your car to get to and from work, you’ll need to make sure your policy covers that, or you could find yourself without adequate cover.

How can I cut costs?

The obvious advice is to shop around when your policy comes up for renewal and limit the number of people who are listed to drive your car. You can also agree to a mileage cap which can get you a discount as your car will be on the road less. It’s also worth keeping your car in a garage rather than on a drive, getting a black box fitted and consider downsizing your engine.

Ultimately, car insurance lies can cause you a financial headache when you get caught out, but there are plenty of truthful ways to reduce your premiums.
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