Bad Habits That Can Decrease Your Vehicle’s Value.

When you first get your motor, you won’t be thinking about when the time will come to hand it in for a new or different model.

But it’s important to remember that a vehicle is an investment, and despite the initial depreciation period for new models, there are plenty of ways to ensure your car retains its value over the years:

Utilise Your Handbrake

It can be easy to ignore your handbrake when you have an automatic, and even those with manuals can choose to hold the brake while sitting in long stints of traffic. Unfortunately, this is a bad habit you’ll want to stop, as this can actually damage the metal pin that holds your car in place.

Riding the Clutch

Your clutch isn’t covered by a warranty as it’s considered a ‘wear and tear’ item, making it an important part to take good care of. Poor control on your pedal will lead to excessive wear, shortening the life of your clutch dramatically. As a result, make sure you always take your foot off the pedal after changing gear.

Avoid Sitting in a High Gear

You may be keeping the revs low to save on fuel but being in a high gear at a speed that’s too low can damage your cylinder heads as it puts a lot of strain on your engine. If the cylinders end up too damaged, you’ll be facing expensive repair costs alongside a reduction in your vehicle’s worth.

Fuel Tank Top Ups

Make sure your tank is always topped up. If your engine is running on fumes, the dirt sitting at the bottom of your fuel tank will make its way into your system, harming fuel pumps and filters. Why? It will dry out the vehicle’s machinery and may lead to a breakdown and expensive repairs.

Keep It Clean

The elements will constantly be attacking your car, wearing away the paint and lowering its resale value. Being too lazy to clean your car is a bad habit of many, especially in the colder months, but it can do wonders in protecting your motor for the long term. Wash your vehicle every few weeks, and make sure it has a full clean around four times a year.

Steering clear of these five small faults, and your car will stay in top condition, saving you money on repairs and giving you a good return value when it comes to selling on.

What bad habit do you need to kick?  

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