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How it works

We alert dealers about your car listing Dealers view your listing and decide if they want to make an offer. This usually takes less than 48hrs (but there are dealers who can take longer to make an offer). The Tootle platform encourages dealers to bid against each other in order to maximise the selling price [...]

Dealer FAQs

How do I buy a car? If you see a car you would like to buy, simply make an offer to buy it through the Tootle site. The offer amount is relayed to the seller together with your contact details. The seller can then either accept your offer or call you to discuss it. Each [...]

Seller FAQs

Why should I sell my car with Tootle? It’s a simple idea: you get more money when you offer your car to more buyers. Rather than haggling with a single dealer on the forecourt, wouldn’t it be nice if the buyers were competing with each other for your car – all from the comfort of [...]

Making your first offer on Tootle

Welcome to Tootle – thanks for signing up! This article will help you understand how the platform works and will walk you through making your first offer on a car. As ever, if you encounter any problems, you can always reach us at or call us on 020 3327 2240.   Signing in The [...]

Dealer tips: Setting your car preferences

Because of the range of stock available on Tootle, it can be helpful to set preferences that match the type of cars you want to buy. This will help to limit the notifications you receive and ensure that the the stock that interests you is most visible when you’re on the site. You probably have [...]

How to write the perfect condition report

Writing a proper damage report is a key part of selling your car. In 9/10 cases, our dealers are able pay the price they offer online – unlike other car buying services – because they know exactly what they’re bidding on and its condition. Because of this, just writing ‘excellent’ probably won’t cut it… You [...]

Tootle’s favourite cars of 2016

Over the past year, Tootle has seen all kinds of cars put up for sale on our site. Although we get our fair share of Golfs and Corsas, we’ve begun to carve out something of a niche with proud owners who want to get the best possible price for their beloved motor without the effort [...]

Repairing dents without denting your wallet

Dents are a pain but don’t despair – many can be fixed without an expensive visit to a bodyshop. The amount it’ll cost you (around £50 to £100 for up to four dents on a panel) is money well spent compared to the amount of money a buyer may try to haggle you down by if they’re [...]

Your guide to the 2017 road tax changes

Thinking of buying a new car in the next few months? Changes to the way road tax is calculated are coming that, if you don’t know the details, could leave you out of pocket. Read our guide to the current and future systems below to avoid a nasty surprise in 2017. What’s the current road [...]

VW up! blind to the perils of colour

Motor trade experts have warned buyers to be careful when choosing the colour of their new Volkswagen up! following the addition of seven bold new shades to the city car range. The new colours include Habanero Orange and Savanna Gold, and bring the model’s total colour count to 13. In addition, the new colours can [...]